Missing Link

Missing Link, Bombay Beach Biennale Missing Link is a tall, vertical aquarium tube installed on the beach in Bombay Beach at the shore of the Salton Sea in Southern California. It is filled with fresh, clean water distilled from the Salton Sea. Missing Link is a testimony to the drying lake. And a summoning of […]

What’s in the Salton Sea

What’s in the Salton Sea, Bombay Beach Biennale They say the Salton Sea is full of toxic chemicals. Others insist it is just really salty. Some believe the water is healthy, even healing. Despite decades of studies, What’s in the Salton Sea remains a mystery to most. We filled 1,230 used plastic gallons with water […]

One Pound of Almonds

One Pound of Almonds, Bombay Beach Biennale Over 80% of the world’s almonds grow in California’s arid Central Valley, which regularly suffers from drought and further aridification due to climate change. One pound of these almonds uses about 1,230 gallons of water to grow – almost 12 liters for a single kernel.  The site-specific installation One […]