About Us

Frauke Huber and Uwe H. Martin are artists, independent visual storytellers, slow journalists, and educators. Their long-term projects, which combine photography with documentary film, text, and sound, focus on the significant environmental issues of the Anthropocene.

They have been documenting global agriculture’s social and environmental consequences since 2007, developing fragmented narratives in a constant cycle of research, production, and publication. Their projects build bridges between traditional journalistic publications, linear web documentaries, interactive apps, and spatial installations at art institutions.

Over the years, they have received numerous recognitions and awards for their work, including the German Reporter Award, the Greenpeace Award, the Development Media Award, and the German Short Film Award (LOLA).

As an integral part of his artistic practice, Uwe teaches photography, film, journalism, and storytelling for eco-social impact at universities, workshops, and journalism schools worldwide, including the Free University Bozen, Lucerne University, and the CNA Luxembourg. In addition, Frauke and Uwe mentor young artists, journalists, and photographers and strive to empower people to become independent, expand their scope of action and bring about lasting changes in society and the environment:

In 2010 Uwe cofounded the international art and research project World of Matter, which investigates primary materials and their complex ecologies. The project brings artists, architects, photojournalists, designers, and programmers with notable bodies of previous work on natural resources and spatial politics together with theorists working in geography, art history, and cultural theory. In the same year, Frauke and Uwe also founded Aggrey’s Dream, which supported a school in Mombasa, Kenya, with four teachers, a school lunch program, and built a bakery that generates an independent income for the school. Finally, recognizing the urgent need for new ways to finance quality freelance journalism, Uwe cofounded the RiffReporter cooperative in 2017, a crossover between a collaborative publishing platform and a business incubator for entrepreneurial freelance journalists.

Frauke and Uwe live and work in Hamburg, Germany, and Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea in Southern California. In Bombay Beach, they are building a campus, a desert garden, and a research lab focussing on eco-social impacts in the region. In parallel, Uwe has proposed a new practice of Transition Journalism that explores how journalists and visual storytellers can become agents for eco-social change.

Artists Frauke Huber and Uwe H. Martin are portrait standing in their installation "One Pound Of Almonds" during the Bombay Beach Biennale at the shore of the Salton Sea. © Scott Pasfield
Frauke Huber and Uwe H. Martin built their site specific installation "One Pound Of Almonds" during the Bombay Beach Biennale 2023 at the shore of the Salton Sea. Photo by Scott Pasfield