Spiegel - Welcome to Utopia

We have been collaborating with Der Spiegel on a series of long form multimedia publications on the Salton Sea. The largest lake in California is drying up, creating a regional dustbowl and one of the mayor environmental and public health disasters in the USA. To document the situation over the next two decades, we have build a second base in Bombay Beach, a small town on the shores of the Salton Sea. We became part of the community and document the daily live there. In recent years, an independent art scene started to grow in Bombay Beach.

So one year after publishing our long form multimedia story See aus Staub about the destruction of the Salton Sea, we published a second story from our community, this time

about the bustling art scene: Welcome to Utopia.

Both stories combined edited short films, video moments, still photography, info graphics and text. Except for the infographics and coding, we created all parts of the production.