LandRush - iPad App

The bilingual LandRush-App (for iPad) features the project’s chapters from Iowa, Ethiopia, and Brazil. It combines short documentary films with texts, video moments, interviews, and still images. Each chapter is a complete, self-contained story that we update once situations change. So by its very design, LandRush stays in a constant Beta.

Inspired by a “Litfaßsäule “—an advertising pillar with vertically interchangeable posters—we developed the app’s concept. The user can swipe horizontally between the chapters. By expanding the radius of the imaginative pillar, we can add more stories when they become available.

We developed the LandRush-App originally for the World of Matter exhibition at the Hartware Medienkunst Verein (HMKV), Dortmund, in 2014.

Design: Soren Smidt
Programming: Michael Verstergaard