What's in the Salton Sea, Bombay Beach Biennale

They say the Salton Sea is full of toxic chemicals. Others insist it is just really salty. Some believe the water is healthy, even healing. Despite decades of studies, What’s in the Salton Sea remains a mystery to most.

We filled 1,230 used plastic gallons with water from the Salton Sea a year ago for our One Pound of Almonds installation. The Salton Sea water with all its components mixed with residues of milk, different flavored ice teas, or other sugary drinks. Sunlight, time, and chemical and biological reactions turned the water into various colors. So, we kept 50 of these gallons in our garage for a year. Now, they come out in our new site-specific installation, What’s in the Salton Sea.

What’s in the Salton Sea is a translucent wall of gallons placed at the shore in Bombay Beach. It invites people to reflect on the histories and mysteries of the Salton Sea. It is part of the Bombay Beach Biennale 2024.

In addition to the site-specific installation we organized the Bombay Beach Environmental Day that explores the same question. The event brought together scientists, activists, local people, and artists to discuss the ecological and social impacts of the lake ecosystem, its history, current development and possible futures.

Venue: Bombay Beach Biennale, USA
Date: March 16 – May 15, 2024