Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA)

Our most extensive exhibition was shown in Luxemburg from March 20 to August 29, 2021, at the Pomhouse of the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA). For the first time, it brought together all three chapters of our ongoing investigation into global agriculture:

WHITE GOLD (2007 – 2012) examined global cotton production’s social and ecological effects. It was shown as a 9-channel multimedia installation.

LANDRUSH (2011 – ongoing) analyzed the impact of largescale agro investments in rural economies and land rights, the boom of renewable fuels, the reallocation of land, and the future of agriculture around the world. It consisted of a 6-channel multimedia installation, two linear documentary films and our interactive iPad App.

DRY WEST (2014 – ongoing) documented the hydro society and human-shaped landscapes of the American West. It was shown as a 7-channel multimedia installation.

Venue: Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA), Dudelange, Luxemburg
March 20 – August 29, 2021
Daniela Del Fabro