World of Matter: Exposing Resource Ecologies

LandRush opened in Switzerland with an exciting experiment, showing two chapters of the project, LandRush and Dry West, parallel in two galleries in two cities: 

We installed Dry West as a five-channel video installation at COALMINE in Winterthur. In addition, we also premiered the Moonscape print series about water infrastructure in the American West.

In parallel, a spatial installation of the four LandRush sub-chapters from Ethiopia, Iowa, Brazil, and Germany opened at the Photobastei in Zurich, just 30 minutes away. We conceived them as a spatial installation consisting of a dual projection and two iPads with the LandRush App. 

This double exhibition approach offered an exciting tension and insight into the complexities of today’s food production realities. 

COALMINE, Winterthur
Photobastei, Zurich

February – April, 2016

Alexandra Blättler und Sascha Renner

Supported by:
Greenpeace Photo Award, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung