Bombay Beach Biennale

At the Salton Sea’s shores, the Bombay Beach Biennale is a renegade celebration of art, music, and philosophy on western civilization’s literal edge. The Biennale, founded in 2015, transforms abandoned housing, vacant lots, and decaying shoreline into a unique canvas for creative expression. Artists, philosophers, creators, and makers across many mediums donate their time and talents to the volunteer-led happening. The Biennale continues to evolve from an “art moment” to an “art movement” that has been growing over the last several years; the Biennale community is living in Bombay Beach from January to March, activating the town and larger region with performances, paintings, sculptures, and community events. 

We are regularly contributing to the Bombay Beach Biennale: In 2018, we donated four large format prints from our Moonscape series to the permanent collection of The Bombay Beach Institute of Particle Physics, Metaphysics & International Relations, the Biennale’s central location for the yearly philosophy conference, performances and artist talks. In 2019, we converted our garage into a multiscreen cinema and showed Dry West as a five-channel video installation. And for 2023, we are working on the performative spatial installation One Pound of Almonds and an environmental conference. These initiatives are part of our ongoing involvement with the community in Bombay Beach, where we are building a campus, a desert garden, and a research lab focussing on eco-social impacts in the region.