Dry West – Museum der Arbeit

The newest LandRush chapter Dry West was shown as a six channel video installation at Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg.

The LandRush – Dry West installation combines large scale projections with a series of short films on monitors. While the projections take the viewer on an immersive journey through the landscapes and situations of modern day agriculture, the monitors feature intimate stories of diverse stakeholders and an insight into complex scientific and ideas and the legal framework that defines water policies in the American West. These narrative vignettes leads the viewer to consider multiple positions at once and ask questions rather than guide them along a finished story. As multiple sites and situations are experienced simultaneously the complex entanglements of todays food production system become tangible.

Besides the spacial installation the new Moonscape series was on show as well as the interactive LandRush iPad app, placing Dry West into the global context of the larger project.

The exhibition featured the work of the three winners of the Greenpeace Photo Award. Manuel Bauer documented a whole Himalayan village that had to be moved due to climate change. Dimitrij Leltschuk documents the struggle of the Komi people of Northern Russia, whose traditional reindeer breeding is threatened by pollution from oil extraction. Dry West and the two other projects, albeit thousands of miles apart, are drawn together by the overarching themes of climate change, environmental pollution and water scarcity.